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Golfweek Amateur Tour - The Podcast


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7/1/2024 - Golfing Laughter and Legacy: Unforgettable Moments on the Course


6/17/2024 - Champions and Challenges: Cajun Classic Highlights


6/3/2024 - Unforgettable Golf Tales: Veteran Insights and Tournament Highlights


5/20/2024 - A Salute to Service and Sport: Golf's Role in Veteran Journeys


5/6/2024 - Driving with Honor: A Veteran's Golf Journey, California Course Legends, and the Bond of Golf Camaraderie


4/22/2024 - Mastering the Greens: Inside Tamahka Trails, Military Tributes at American Dunes, and Honoring Timekeepers on the Golfweek Tour


4/8/2024 - The Spirit of Golf: Community, Champions, and Cutting-Edge Equipment


3/25/2024 - Elevating Your Golf Game with Custom Fittings and a Sneak Peek at Exciting News


3/11/2024 - Navigating the Fairways: From Golfweek Amateur Highlights to RBC Heritage Celebrations


2/26/2024 - Golfing Grips and Greens: Inside the Amateur Tour, Crafting Home Simulators, and Celebrating the Spirit of the Sport


2/12/2024 - Swinging Through the Fairways: From the Tampa vs. California Rivalry to St. Louis and the Thrill of Upcoming Regionals


1/29/2024 - Remembering A Friend on The Fairways, Celebrating Nichole King's Digital Ingenuity, and a Conversation with Tour Director Adam Cahill


1/17/2024 - Teeing Off the 2024 Season: Punching Tickets to the 2024 National Championship


1/3/2024 - Ryan Duffey Shares the Story of Meridian Putters, Roger Clears Things Up As Usual For Us With His Rules Knowledge, How To Win a Free Entry Into the National Championship!


12/20/2023 - Fairways to Friendships: John Robinson & Joshua Butler Tell Their Unique Golfweek Experiences


12/6/2023 - Big Announcements and New Tour Directors: Welcome to the 30th year of the Golfweek Amateur Tour


11/22/2023 - Tour Director Wins Senior Amateur Tour National Championship & 4 Tours Compete to Win the Players Cup


11/8/2023 - Conversations with Senior Amateur Tour National Champions


10/25/2023 - Reliving the Golfweek Amateur Tour National Championship: Chris and I Dive into Thrilling Victories and Time Spent With Players


10/13/2023 - 2023 National Championship Registration


10/12/2023 - 2023 National Championship Directors' Awards


9/27/2023 - A Stroke Survivor's Comeback on the Green, Tour Member Plays 39 Tournament Rounds this Year, and Rapid Fire Rules With Roger


9/13/2023 - Andrew Buse's Record-Breaking 62, With The Benefits of Membership and the Help of Arccos, You Can Drop 6 Strokes Quickly!


8/30/2023 - Roger talks Temporary Immovable Obstructions, Player with a 7 tournament win streak & 1/3 of the Criminal Justice Wrestling Trio


8/16/2023 - Golfing Paradise: Unveiling the Beach House Hilton Head Island with Jay Wiendl and Insights from the US Senior Amateur Qualifier Joe Jaspers


8/2/2023 - French Lick Resort Preview, Green Rules with Roger & An Eagle On 18 For A Major Win!


7/19/2023 - Regional Major Champions and Dennis McCormac


7/5/2023 - Temporary water and Rory's US Open Drop Rules Controversy, Midwest Regional Course Preview


6/21/2023 - Tour Director DQs himself, Them James Boys and Fathers Day