Welcome to the 2024 New Jersey 


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When you register for the New Jersey Golfweek Amateur Tour, we will place you into a flight based on your current USGA Index or by making a determination based on your average scores. During the tournaments, you will compete against other players from your flight in a true stroke play event.

You will compete for VISA Gifts Cards and also an etched crystal trophy for the 1st place winner in each flight. 

  1. Select Pay by credit card to submit your New Jersey membership application
  2. Once we receive your registration and payment, we will send you an email with additional information and confirmation of your eligibility.
  3. Now that you are a member, from the schedule button on the left of this page click on the corresponding link under the event(s) of interest, register and Pay by credit card.

We also have optional cash games at each event. These include Skins Games based on Flight, Super Skins which includes all flights together, and Closet to Pin.

Tournament Day Money Games Per Round at Check-In Per Player
Tournament Skins Game (within each flight): In this game, you are competing to make the best single score on a hole (birdie or better). All ties cancel. You are only wagering with players in your flight who enter the game. $10
Tournament SUPER Skins Game (all flights contribute to a single purse)  In this game you are competing to make the best single score on a hole (birdie or better).  All ties cancel.  You are wagering with players from any flight who enter the game. $10
Closest to the Pin: Closest to the Pin, you have 4 chances to win a split of the money "All Flights" CP contest. $10

Then, based on what place you took in that tournament, you will be awarded season points no matter what place you finished for the event.

The Season Long Points Winner for each flight will be awarded free entry into the National Championship!


Friendly Reminders / Dress Code

  1. ALWAYS check in to the New Jersey Golfweek Amateur Tour registration table before going to the 1st hole

  2. NO jeans

  3. NO cargo pants

  4. NO gym shorts

  5. NO metal spikes

  6. Belts required

  7. Always wear a collared shirt or mock turtleneck

  8. NO outside alcohol

  9. Pay attention to your pace of play (rules listed below)

  10. Please fill out the livescore app and hard copy card during play

  11. As soon as you have completed play, please provide the totaled and signed (both signatures)card to the table where you checked in. 

  12. Pay for membership registration and tournament payment online prior to coming to tournament

Pace of Play

We want you to enjoy your round but for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment we need you to please stay in position. The courses on our schedule expect us to play a round of golf in 4 hours.

  1. Players can card a maximum of triple bogey on any one hole. After that the player must pick up the hole. There is no limit to the number of triple bogey that can be carded in a round.
  2. Rangers and Tour Directors will monitor pace of play throughout the round.
  3. All group members are expected to recognize the group is slow and take action to speed the group up.
  4. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the Tour for the sake of all other players.

Our pace of play policy is very simple


How do you know if you are out of position?

  1. If you cannot see the group in front of you, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION.
  2. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 3 & the group ahead of you has cleared the next tee, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION
  3. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 4 & the putting green is clear, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION
  4. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 5 & the group ahead of you is on that putting green, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION


Registration for events is normally open until Wednesday before the event. There may be times when this will change, so check emails for exact info. Every player is required to register online for the event. All payments made during the registration process unless authorized by the director. 


NO SHOWS -  Any player who registers for an event and is a no show will be responsible for the event fee in full before being eligible to play in another event. We have to turn in the player list to the course and that is what they charge us for on tournament day!

CANCELLATIONS - We understand things come up last minute and have no problem if you have to cancel playing. All cancellations must be done by phone call or email by Thursday evening prior to the event. Cancellations after Thursday may result in fees owed for money already allocated for prize funds or if the course charges. Cancellations less than 24 hours of 1st tee time are subject to no refund.